Stylish Buffet Table Decor Ideas You Should Copy

Stylish Buffet Table Decor Ideas You Should Copy 32

You’ve been invited to a dinner and as you enter the room, the first thing you see is a table that appears to go on forever, draped and skirted in plain white linen, several stainless steels chafing dishes huddled side by side atop a drab lifeless, absence-of-color buffet except for the “decorations” of green foliage that resemble the weeds in your backyard.

You think to yourself, “What an ugly table. It’s going to take forever to get through the line and I bet the food isn’t any good either so why bother”! Instead of looking for your seat; you look for the door.

“The design of the table and the food goes hand in hand,” said Ken Stewart, Banquet Manager at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. “When you walk up to a buffet, it’s a lot like window shopping. It should capture your attention and make your mouth water; so much so that you can’t wait to dig in. Perception is reality. If the table looks good, the food looks good; therefore, it must taste good.” As the old adage goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression; this is especially true in the foodservice industry, and everyone remembers their “first impression.” So how do you make a visual impact and turn ordinary into awesome and blah into beautiful? Dress to impress! By dressing the table in vibrant colored linens and coordinated skirting with interesting patterns and textures, and eye-popping d├ęcor, in varying elevations; you will have a spectacularly designed, take-your-breath-away presentation that will stand out in a crowd.

“The presentation of a beautifully appointed buffet table sets the tone of the room and the evening”, said Frank Gregory, Senior Catering Sales Manager at the Bellagio Hotel. “When guests walk into a room for an evening event, they’re not really sure what to expect or how to position themselves for the evening. When you walk into a room that is set for a buffet dinner, especially in today’s society it creates an atmosphere of relaxation”.

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