43 Fabulous Simple Workspace Design Ideas

Fabulous Simple Workspace Design Ideas 41

Sometimes, it is not the business model holding you back; it’s the design of your office space. Businesses that greet clients in their offices need to be sensitive to their image when a client walks through the front door. Office design plans should be reviewed even more often than business plans to assure that you aren’t giving a dated and unprofessional appearance to prospective clients.

Here are a few simple ways to revamp your image quickly with office design plans that show your clients that your company is doing business in the modern age. While you can replace all of the office furniture for a very fast remodel, it can also be the most expensive option. Buying new office furniture may not even be required to create the illusion of new office design plans, either.

Unless your furniture is in such disrepair that it needs to be trashed, you can opt to recondition it. If you don’t just want the same old furniture back, opt to refurbish it. Office furniture refurbishing is one technique that not only brings in a new look, but also conserves precious planet resources. If you’re looking to keep some of the structure of the office furniture while getting a whole new look or a workspace that serves more than one function, consider remanufacturing it.

Modern office designs focus on clean lines and lots of space. Remove clutter and donate old furniture to thrift shops to help you to modernize your office space. This doesn’t cost a penny and can have a huge visual impact that creates the image of a well-organized and highly-functioning company. Reconfigure the floor layout to make it easy for people to walk around. Use the money you saved by making some furniture serve more than one purpose. Make use of reconditioning, remanufacturing, and office furniture refurbishing techniques out there to not only create the illusion of a total design makeover, but also to reimagine the workspace with new working surface areas that can serve more than one function.

Once you have the design layout that is the least cluttered and most functional, you will want to punctuate that space with drama and the business personality that you want to convey to new customers. A new coat of paint is often the cheapest trick that adds drama instantly. Aside from that, the design should match the color scheme you’ve chosen and it should highlight your brand.

The front reception area should be your main staging area where anyone that walks through the front door becomes acquainted with the company’s brand. It can include strategically placed logos and artwork that showcases your unique business personality. The office reception area should echo the same design imprint as the rest of your office floor plan with clean, modern, lines and the same color scheme you’ve chosen throughout. Make use of natural light as much as possible, not just to keep down utility bills, but to highlight the sense of spaciousness and airiness that feels both modern and natural for today’s cultured tastes. Avoid jarring neon lights, garish colors, or anything that might bristle a new client’s sense of style, unless that is part of the edginess of your particular company brand.

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