40 Best Kitchen Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Best Kitchen Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space 24

Now that winter is here, you’re inevitably going to be spending a lot more time inside. With that, you’ll also probably be cooking more meals at home, and you won’t have the gas grill to aid you in throwing together healthful meals in a hurry. The truth is, it can be a struggle to cook decent meals in the winter, especially if your kitchen is disorganized.

Instead of struggling through the cold months ahead with a messy space, you might consider getting organized as a means of making it easier to cook meals in a flash. They key to getting your space organized is to implement some new kitchen storage ideas that you may have had kicking around in your head for some time. On the top of most people’s list is organizing the cabinets.

Cabinets have a way of quickly becoming disorganized, especially if you have a lot of stuff. The good news is that whether your problems areas involve your dishes or your spice cabinet, there are solutions out there just waiting for you. The first place to start when re-organizing your cabinets is to take everything out and clean the shelves. This is a good time to go through your implements and get rid of things that are broken, without mates or unused. Next, put down some fresh shelf liners to keep things tidy, then put your dishes back in.

If you find that even after purging, you still are short on space, look to one of the most handy kitchen storage devices: wire racks. Wire racks can give you added space without actually adding another shelf, and they work great for plates and bowls. If another problem area is your spice cupboard, you will find that there are almost as many kitchen storage tools available to solve this problem as there are spices.

Choose from shelves, drawer inserts and lazy Susans, to name just a few. Before putting everything away in your new spice rack, be sure to throw out all of the bottles that are expired. After implementing a few kitchen storage ideas such as these into your space, you’ll be ready when Old Man Winter comes knocking on your door. Who knows, your cupboards might even stay organized until spring!

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