38 The Best Home Entrance Outdoor Ideas You Will Love

The Best Home Entrance Outdoor Ideas You Will Love 37

The main entry is very important because it is through the main door that the house states its personality and absorbs energy. The front entrance of your home is your guest’s first impression of you and your home. You never get a second chance to make that first impression, starting out right counts; and it beings at your front door. When a house has good energy, design and flows circulating throughout, the people who live in the house experience it and appreciate the thought and effort invested.

When someone drives up, the home’s entrance merits special consideration. first, it should be clear where it is. An attractive feature: a bright color, outlining the walk with pavers, a courtyard featuring a prized garden ornament, or special lighting could identify it definitely as the front entrance.

A courtyard with the personality of a France, a Spanish villa, or an English cottage will introduce the owner’s personality and the home’s style. Courtyards naturally draw the eye to the home’s entrance. Arches, pergolas, bench seating, a display of container plants, or any showcased collector’s item can make a statement in the interior courtyard.

Incorporate a water feature. A fountain of some sort, whether modern, traditional, or Gothic, improves the curb appeal of your home and adds that design look. Most people love the sound of bubbling water because it speaks of nature and is instantly relaxing and calming. Water features can be built-in, free-standing, or rest on a small tabletop.

The entrance floor choice should be durable, one that can take a beating without a whisper of complaining. A flooring material from quarry tile, ceramic tile, slate, natural stone, or exquisite marble will serve well and can be a beautiful part of the entrance hall.

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