37 The Best Furniture Ideas For Patio Table

The Best Furniture Ideas For Patio Table 36

Owning your home has many great benefits, and one of them is being able to relax on a great patio. You can even create a new outdoor living space as an extension to your home with the addition of the right patio furniture. However, there are so many outdoor furniture options to pick from it can easily become overwhelming. One solution where you won’t go wrong is to select a dining patio table set.

Patio dining sets are flexible enough to allow you to use your patio in the way that suits your lifestyle best. Dining sets include a table and comfortable seating which you customize and arrange to meet your entertaining and family needs. The sets are available in a variety of materials and styles. You can choose from teak or wicker designs, wood, wrought iron and even aluminum furniture based on your personal preferences and style.

As you shop for your patio dining set, use these guidelines to help you choose the right size furniture for your needs:

Bistro sets are great for morning or afternoon tea or sharing an espresso with someone you love. These sets seat two comfortably and let you enjoy the experience of outdoor dining even with a small patio space. If you have an apartment balcony or small patio space, these little table sets are the perfect solution. If you plan on using a bistro dining set for a large patio, you should consider adding other patio furniture like chaise lounges, sectionals or benches to help balance out your patio space and keep your dining set from looking lost in its surroundings.

For the patio that will be used to host evening dinner parties or regular family game nights, the round dining sets are usually just the right size. These sets can seat 4-6 people comfortably, with sizes from 36 to 46 inches. Round dining patio table sets are usually ideal for couples who enjoy entertaining outdoors and families spending time together.

These sets are excellent for larger families, or people that like to do a lot of outdoor entertaining. A rectangular table set seats up to 8 people comfortably. As you can imagine, these table sets are huge and will simply not fit into smaller patio spaces. Avoid these table sets if your patio is not fairly large. Cramming this table into a small patio space will be uncomfortable for your guests and look crowded rather than pleasing to the eye.

Whether you choose a small bistro table, a huge rectangular table, or a simple round table set make sure it has an umbrella. Most of the larger table sets will have a built-in space in the center of the table to house an umbrella. If your table will not accommodate an umbrella, position your set in a shaded area. This way you and your guests can enjoy your patio comfortably even on the sunniest of days.

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