36 Stunning Simple Kitchen Decor Ideas You Should Try

Stunning Simple Kitchen Decor Ideas You Should Try 30

At the top of many good lists of kitchen decorating, ideas are the same keywords: clean, uncluttered and simple. Decorating does not always have to mean dramatic color pallets and million-dollar makeovers. A few tasteful changes here and there throughout the room can go a long way to creating a pleasing room decor.

While cleaning isn’t one of the most exciting kitchen decorating ideas, it is probably the most important followed closely by de-cluttering. A clean kitchen just looks nice, no matter what your color combo or decorative style. Crumbs are not a kitchen fashion accessory, and neither are dirty dishes, grease stains or coffee circles on the counter.

Another kitchen d├ęcor detractor is clutter. One of the top kitchen decorating ideas is to de-clutter the counters and cabinets. Of course, the kitchen needs to be functional, but every cooking utensil, pot, and pan does not need to be displayed on the countertop. And if you don’t use it, throw it out or pack it away. The kitchen is not the place to keep knick-knacks or collectibles. Save that for the shelves in the den.

Be careful with color in the kitchen. Too much can be overwhelming, especially if the room is not large and open. Feel free to make a bold color statement by painting the walls, but don’t follow that up with cups, dishes, pots, pans, and appliances to match. Stainless steel appliances – small and large – enhance any kitchen color pallet and are durable and easy to keep clean as well. The same is true for basic black and white. While that orange coffee pot may look nice in the store, it could be a bit much on the kitchen counter. Remember to keep things simple while decorating the kitchen, and it will never feel half-baked or overdone.

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