35 Popular Home Entrance Decor Ideas Look Beautiful

Popular Home Entrance Decor Ideas Look Beautiful 19

A grand entrance is often the best way to make an impression. This is true even for houses. Decorating the entrance of the house is like art. The totality of the scene must be well thought of before undertaking the project. The colors, composition, and theme must blend well together and stand out as one whole picture. An independent house deals with extra elements like a verandah or a porch.

Sometimes, it is just a small shelter over the door that is supported by pilasters, corbels, or columns. One popular way to decorate the entrance is by following the principle of symmetry. The entrance needs some symmetry on either side of the door. As with any decorating project, a focal point will anchor the look and feel of the entrance.

An entrance that emphasizes natural elements is visually appealing. An elegant statement can be made by placing a wood trough with green or flowering plants by the front door. This is for a low-key entrance where space does not permit anything too grand. Hanging baskets of trailing plants can adorn a partially covered porch. The baskets or pots must be consistent in shape and color.

Stone, wrought iron, and terracotta accessories are popular in this area. A squat stone trough or urn can be used to float fresh flowers or to keep fish. A pair of statues, urns or vases on matching pedestals can be used to flank the entrance. If it is too imposing, decorate a corner of the entrance with a statue or a sculpture.

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