35 Lovely Air Plants Decor Ideas For Your Beautiful Home

Lovely Air Plants Decor Ideas For Your Beautiful Home 27

Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, are a kind of Epiphytes, which means they do not require soil to grow. They do still require a place to start growing; it is not a parasite even though it needs a host to grow. Nutrients are taken from particles that are in the air, from dirt and moisture.

The roots are only grown for attachment purposes and also to support the option of moisture collection. Some support water-based wild life like frogs and toads These plants are found in the tropical forests of South America, but not in desert and mountainous climates in the South hemisphere.

The plants that are grown indoors make a great addition to its decor. Just like any other plant, light is a big part of the plants life. The sun or a simple fluorescent light will work well, but be sure not to make it stay under it for too long for it might suffer from leaf burn.

The water intake of Air plants is greater than those of the other plants, especially if they are outside in gardens. Try to remember not to confuse the needs of Air plants with a sponge because they will not be able to survive in deeper waters. It is highly advised for you to do research thoroughly about the plant to understand it well and to be able to grow it properly.

Air plants will be able to grow everywhere. All that is needed is a place to support the plant as it can be grown from a shoe to a shell. A great thing about the Air plants its beautiful colors of the flowers and blooms. In that case, it becomes great
in an assortment or given as gifts.

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