35 Awesome Modern Powder Room Design Ideas

Awesome Modern Powder Room Design Ideas 17

Many of us spend a considerable amount of time gazing into our bathroom mirror. This is quite understandable, if your bathroom is one of those whose designs are based solely on functionality. These types of bathroom designs leave us very little options as to where we can rest our eyes, so we look into the mirror. These designs are usually the result of taking your bathroom for granted when designing your new home.

You get so caught up with designing the living room, the kitchen and the bedrooms that you forget to spend a bit of time in designing the bathroom. The result: A bathroom that keeps to the basic requirements of having a toilet, shower area, sink, and mirror. In short, you end up having a very boring and uninspiring bathroom. Designing simple and functional bathrooms were previously the best way to go for most people because of the limited design choices and the very prohibitive prices of bathroom accessories.

These factors made it almost impossible for the average individual to create personalized accents in their bathrooms. Even people who could afford to have attractive bathroom designs were not exempted from the hassles involved in having these designs installed. Fortunately, recent advancements in the fine furniture industry have made it possible for more people to acquire high-end vanity sink chests at reasonable prices. These vanity chests can go a long way in transforming the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

With fine furniture becoming more readily available and less expensive, many people can now give more focus to the refurbishing of their bathrooms. After all, the bathroom is probably one of the most visited rooms in any house. The best way to incorporate an attractive powder room vanity into your bathroom design is to choose one that blends well with the bathroom’s general theme or color scheme. You may also choose a vanity that coincides with your home’s general design genre. There are several powder room vanity designs for you to choose from, and these designs range in style from the French provincial to the modern chic.

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