35 Amazing Pendant Lights Design Ideas Over Kitchen Island

Amazing Pendant Lights Design Ideas Over Kitchen Island 31

Kitchen pendant lighting can add style, color, and light to an otherwise bare and dim cooking area. There are hundreds of hanging lamps to choose from but learning the basics to proper decor can save you disappointment. The design and flavor of pendant lighting can bring the area together without making it appear out of place.

The style of a kitchen dictates what to look for in kitchen pendant lighting. A heavily boasted country decor would not support a modern hanging light with lots of glass and chrome. Old iron or distressed metal with frosted glass would be more suitable in a country or rustic setting.

Transitional lighting offers alternatives for the homeowner who enjoys changing their kitchen look every few years. Curvature with unfocused direct styling is a great way to blend into a new casual look without replacing fixtures. Before shopping for kitchen pendant lighting to place above your kitchen island, consider your decor and know how to limit your options.

A kitchen island can be a centerpiece of activity in a bustling household. An island is a perfect area for prepping foods while cooking meals. Kitchen pendant lighting that hangs over island areas needs to be fitted to benefit the chore at hand and not to interfere with your movements. Task lighting with halogen bulbs can really hone in on detail and keep you focused.

Many family members like to gather around the island to share the day’s activities. Small islands do not have to go without the beauty that kitchen pendant lighting can offer. Mini pendants are perfect for adding just a taste of welcoming light and decor. There are many things to consider when selecting lights for a kitchen island. Decor, tasks, and light style all need to be carefully balanced before making a choice.

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