34 Inspiring Exterior House Colors Ideas

Inspiring Exterior House Colors Ideas 17

Regardless of the tinted one chooses to paint their home, it is likely to remain the same tone for several years. The following tips for choosing a good exterior house color can help homeowners to select a color that they will be happy with for many years. Avoid common mistakes when choosing good exterior house paint.

Many homeowners assume that selecting an imaginative or colorful scheme is more costly for both labor and materials. Unless the homeowner chooses numerous paints, this is rarely true. Homeowners should avoid accenting elements of the home that are unattractive, such as unevenly placed windows, air conditioning units, protruding garage doors, gutters, and downspouts.

Use tones for a good first impression. The right selection enhances curb appeal and can make the home more valuable. Creative use of paint is an excellent way to allow the house to shine. Use accent or contrasting colors to bring out architectural details. Unless there is structural work needed, painting is a cost-effective way to change a home’s appearance. Paint can define the entrance to the dwelling and welcome guests. The use of color around windows can give the building character.

White or light neutral shades make large homes on small lots seem even larger and the home even smaller. Darker colors can make the home look smaller. Choose two colors that are on the same color strip. Use one for the body of the home and the second for the trim. A third contrasting color is usually a good choice for the front door. Porches should be lighter colors as this makes the home seem more welcoming. If the structure is disproportionately tall, the upper porting can be painted a darker tone and the bottom a lighter color to scale down the height. If the landscaping is still young, use this trick to improve the looks as well.

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