32 The Best Farmhouse Staircase Decor Ideas

The Best Farmhouse Staircase Decor Ideas 23

Some homeowners may not realize that a staircase is just another area of their home that can be decorated to make the home appear stylish. Staircases are often overlooked when it comes to decorating, but depending on the layout of the home, the staircase may be more important than you think, especially if it is the first thing people see when they walk in.

Frame a few of your favorite photographs and hang them up along the wall of the staircase. These photographs can be ones of your family or they can be of nature or other decorative objects. Hang them so that they appear to be descending with the staircase.

If you really want your staircase to stand out, then consider painting a mural or design that goes up the stairs. This could be as simple as a leaf or flower pattern that follows the stairs or it can be a larger and more intricate mural. If drawing and painting aren’t your best skills there are stencils that you can use for the design or you can hire a professional painter to do the mural.

If you have a plain banister, look for a more decorative one that matches the style of your home. There are plenty of banisters to choose from depending on the type of stairs you have. A new trend is to mix wood with wrought-iron for the stairs. This may go well with a Spanish style house or even a modern style home. Check out the pictures in home d├ęcor magazines or on the Internet for all the different styles that you can consider.

If you have wooden stairs you may consider laying down a decorative carpet runner to add more style. The carpet can be solid colored or, for a real attention-getter, it can be patterned and multi-colored. Runners even work with staircases that are already carpeted or tiled.

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